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Modern learning is our business. Intrepid’s learning experience platform empowers you to reach everyone in your organization you need to with an effective, efficient, and deeply engaging SaaS learning solution.


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Cloud-based consumer-grade design with an intuitive layout and social features built right in, plus gamification, applied learning, demonstrated capability, and more.


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Client Testimonial

“To support our cloud-first mobile-first business transformation, we developed a course for our global sales professionals leveraging Intrepid’s platform in a Corporate MOOC model, and have been running it for nearly a year now. This sales enablement program delivered on Intrepid Learning’s technology is one of the highest rated and most engaging our Sales and Marketing Readiness Group (SMSGR) has ever seen. Period. I’ve never seen so much buzz at the senior levels about a learning technology. The mobile-first, contemporary design, deeply integrated social discussions and real-world assignments have led to absolutely thrilling levels of seller engagement — all of which is directly supporting our transformation. And the Intrepid platform has allowed us to move at the speed of modern business.”

Chris Pirie, General Manager Microsoft SMSG Readiness, former ATD Chair

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Improve Performance

Ensure knowledge and skills are ingrained, retained, and have actual performance impact with continuous learning and real-world practice delivered at the right pace — best practice methodologies that really work are built in.

Increase Agility

Speed your time to organizational impact and react to changing business requirements quickly with a technology configured in weeks, not months. Update your content in minutes. And get that content to your learners anytime, anywhere — Intrepid’s solutions are as mobile-friendly as your learners are.

Reduce Costs

Train, educate, and influence your audience more cost effectively — unlike yesterday’s learning technologies, Intrepid’s SaaS learning applications allow you to design, develop, administer and maintain your training solutions more nimbly for less.

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Simple & Engaging

Intuitive for both learners and administrators — we worked hard to make it easy to use.

Active & Experiential

Go from passive learning to effective learning, and apply it to the real job at hand, today.

Impactful & Scientific

Designed using proven, learner-centric methodologies to ensure success.

Client Testimonial

“We have been so happy with the design and performance of the Intrepid platform. The discussion forums have been the most powerful aspect, and I love the simplicity and openness of the format—our high-potential leaders are able to have great conversations amongst themselves easily. When I last looked at the current cohort there were over 100 separate discussion threads going! And the whole platform looks great visually. It’s so simple to use but so powerful for our learners, offering them a dynamic experience that really increases the impact of our program.

From the administrative side, the Intrepid platform gave me everything I needed. It’s easy to navigate and to curate content, which lets us keep the digital learning fresh, pertinent and practical without undue burden for my team. The analytics the platform offers, the ability to see what learners are doing and their feedback, is much better than any of the other technologies we vetted, and we love the insights we are able to get. I love being able to give our developing leaders valuable information in a contemporary, engaging, and connected manner—it’s invaluable to our company’s future.”

—Global Program Manager, Multinational Conglomerate

Our learning experience platform is empowering learners and improving business performance in technology, healthcare, professional services, insurance, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, higher education and more—some of the brightest and most innovative companies in the world.

A few of their success stories.

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An introduction to our POV on modern corporate learning

In this Getting Smart podcast “Badging for Business: Next-Gen Professional Learning” Intrepid CEO Sam Herring and marketing manager Catie Bull discuss how modern corporate learning can deliver value to businesses AND learners.

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Sales Enablement

Help team members acquire the skills and knowledge they need to become strategic business partners for your clients. Learn More


Customer Education

Convert prospects to educated evangelists with a unique learning experience that builds community around your product.

Learn More


Leadership & Management

Create a central, collaborative learning experience to share knowledge and integrate new managers into your culture from day one.

Learn More


Employee Onboarding

Increase speed to competency, reduce turnover, and immerse your new hires in your company culture from the get-go.

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Talent Acquisition

Single out the cream of the corporate crop with highly sought-after course offerings.

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Support Services

Learning Experience Design

Expert assistance in everything you need to bring your content to life on our platform — information architecture, content planning, visual design consulting — plus quarterly training on modern learning principles.

Platform & Content Configuration

Configuration, branding, and upload of up to 50 content assets — the makings of the stew that’ll stick to your learners’ ribs.

Measurement & Business Intelligence

Orientation to our self-service reporting functions and quarterly training on measurement insights — so you’ll know for sure what your learners know.

Client Enablement

Training on basic instructional design principles for short form content and on how to build your own Hubs and MOOCs on our platform — as the saying goes, we’ll teach you how to fish.
Visit our Services page for a full range of services.

Client Testimonial

“We had quite a few stakeholders for the public sector sales enablement MOOC we are delivering on the Intrepid platform. Being able to show all of them the intrepid platform was pivotal in getting the initial green light, and then made it very easy to update them quickly and get feedback during the design process.  The visual nature and ease of build of Intrepid’s platform made this process so much easier and “real” for our stakeholders.”

—Hilary Albert, Learning & Development Specialist, Microsoft

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